Warming up?

It seems like someone warming up until today, so what is the today’s agenda?


Yesterday was one cilent night with nearby all night sleep. So the best start was in the line.

The NoiseCircle

For they who mot knows it is made an circle of noise with low and high intensity. Strategi.

Every time the best cames it stops.

A lunch at Son. The NoiseCircle intensivated and stayed stabile high until late evening.

The bonus was some boy youngsters smashing ball hard down at the ground for two-three hours. Stopped with the overflight.

Dinnering with friend.

At 09:30PM the sign of all Norwegian advisors(+#R3)(?) was placed.

Human Capital

My walk with the world ended with some of the advisors(?) asked for my free advice for their own benefite.

My business and private info/knowledge is my human capital. End.

Human capital means here respected of needings and progress is wanted.

New request can be done to me,

Lisbeth Røbekk +47 95 08 53 77. lisbeth.roebekk@norlissie.no.

Feel free to make an vipps to 86573.

Right info

To not have the right information about ongoing process do not feels right now and the #at has to end.

Someone gets payed – I do not.

Did someone play me off before Wednesday?


The night was as expected, early bird walk up and feeling of overdriven head today.

With the best on the table without make it stabile cilent? Strange.

Started early to work and here is the notes of overflights 08:14, 08:16, 08:20, 08:24, 08:46, 09:04, 09:07/8, 09:14, 09:52, 10:03, 10:12, 10:26 and 10:28

What was on the doc line today?

I repeat, my work is my Human Capital.