UN Security Council

Next selection for a seat in United Nation Security Council is in 2020.

The winner will take the seat for two years from 2021 and Norway is heading.

The competitiors to this partically seat is Canada, Irland and Norway, and the supporter campaign from the 196 country members has startet.

Campaign cost

The finally campaign directly or indirectly budget is not named.

Indirectly cost of the campaign until now is not mention.

Norway, Nato and UN strategy

In 2006-08 I made an Norway, Nato and UN/»Me cases», Nato and UN strategy.

Unforthently not in lead of the process, not either taking mng part or frames for «my case/consept».


Best candidate

My personally opinion is the this seat shall be earned of the country whom has the

– Strength of loyality to own citizen.

– Strength management with economic and straight to the point process for identified incountry issues.

– Strength of and willingness to welcoming, take and make new ways. First of all for own citizen.

In actions💃


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