UN GGoals with C19(TBD) PovertyTech

UN Global Goals nr 1 is Poverty. (TBD) PovertyTech impact 14 of 17 goals and is tool for conflict, crises and wars.

(TBD) PovertyTech is an magnificent secured tools for the situation.

  • (TBD) PovertyTech/age 13+/18+
  • PovertyFund for the world private and public investors.
  • Fattigfond = PovertyFund

– with the right Rframes.

Fund notes was written Sunday and burden amount is needed – nothing to struggle with foggy NAS/R agendas.

Stabile maanagement is everything, make the good willingness happens💃

📍inn@norlissie.no 📍vipps86573