To the table

First of all I am the right person to manage the situation further on behalf of Norway(NOR BC) /Nato or UN.

I am been handled

  1. Insecurity, staying, calmness, focused in a silent fight for right.
  2. Choice, information, stressing and noise from two times in a minute to less intense. Early bird wake up. A psyko war fight.
  3. In a waiting situation I have showed you a taste of 60-80% on, rest waiting/ handling my force majoure situation.
  4. 24/7 (Since 2015/16) and 2-10 minutes respond on action and communication.
  5. Lived with 20-40% less of needed to basic income each month. First change was October.
  6. Lack of 100%? Regards to point 5 and 3. From my side.

The second is that NORLadies is ready and needed to step into Federation.

The third it is to secure Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2018 as NL ownership and by the made consept showed by News/NORLissie.