To the hacker of my outlook!


www-norlissie-no-2To the hacker of my outlook!

I know you have been watching my emails for a long time and I have documented and registrated your action. Local, national and abroad.

You have shown yourself.

You are trying to destroy my business, my reputation and stearing my activities with the action you take based on my communication. I am not a part of your competition, but thanks for confirming ME and my work. 

Your action have to end now.

To the network of the hacker, do not take action to call based on a person and persons hugh interest of my activities. I have also documented your action at the network of network and so on. Attention! It is not always you understand the tip he gives you for action.

Recall your abroad action based on a email send 27th – asap.

Sheers with the best wishes for your life.

To my supporters and possibilities!

I have today closed down my use of outlook and started to use a spare solution at all my emails accounts and send the hacker this message at my outlook. I could of course send the message in Norwegian, but I want to reach out. 

Thanks for stayer and lovely attention from you – the positive followers. 

For the persons and business who want to get in business or to give new opportunities – do not hestitate to get in action. I am boring, ready and have the solution to co-operate or win this race. Lets get in action now and have fun together, Sheers!

Now: To the hacker of my outlook!