To NNinvest and abroads

Learning by doing after years? Well, it is only direct contact and meeting whom gives the right answers.

It seems like that no method for the periode since 9th of February to 30th of June 2019/19 does not work or lack of analyze knowledge.

Four periods/levels for meeting the daily NNagendas and activities – the fifth blocked the 1th Feb 2019.

The rightness of burden amount gives equlity, urgents matters and right RPRO Delta/Special TechTeam +35 gives results – please stop forsing, exploring and trenating💃

ProsessID says only direct contact gives the right answers relay on dagger boards knowledge of NN methods and analyzes with bonus of mani. Keep me out of the method.

Investment possibilities

Investment possibilities

Nothing impact the burden amount, now and direct appointment for burden amount, investments and other opportunities.

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