Thursday 28th

Today’s #at sail(?) by the media was to far out and could been notis as signed negative himself – if it is correct.

Other persons, copycats or cases is out of knowledge. Yess to warm results.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Is in line. Sailors/(R) PRO need grown up adults from today to the start line.


shall stop the handling of open lines


📍straight given/process cost(loss)


Here and now is the important action.

I have NOK348 until 18th of Dec and parts of population agenda to force a house sale. Decided last weekend.


Sign of amounts in my way?

Reason for anyone to stand up for own action until 30th of June.

Nothing of these moments shall devaluate and is clearly spoken.

Straight given

To stand up regarded to values and conduct is not unligal.

I have none agreements, no contact and own frames on request. None no method.

If any of the energy population is not clarified it has to be spoken now.

Only straight given secured by and always used bank transfer without demands and timelined.



📍Vipps 95085377/86573


Competitors are not released from taken responsibility for own action or business deals where it is right.

Some movements has been done?


My suggestion is campaigning by media at all levels should be undone until the frames has been given.

My request is not been respected so other issues is out of my knowledge.

Take payment action💃