Three agendas

Based on the morningwalk the walk spoiled three agendas for the day.

  1. Take out preparation by PRO. Verified #R take out is on reguest for calibration since 7 points meeting is not given by the star.
  2. Evaluation/Stalking
  3. Press out information. Leave the underlines and use the overline.

Four month shout out for take out is needed for the right reason at the right place.

The point 2 and 3 is out interest without appointments and frames.

None of these points shall impact other issues and requests.

What have been done?

I get held in an arrest technique over time by #R activities and calibration is needed.

Several reguest is been done before the quastion of take out.

To the NOR AS I started with asking for an block sailing in early 2018, public ownership etc and the last one was request for an 7 points meeting early 2019 with the star, before payments and take out request.

The wanted investors/project or opportunities may been lost as we speak.

Situated related issues is followed up for long term without frames and security(not guarding) with outside cost of NOK 250 000 to NOK 1,1 mill each hour over years.

An #R verified abroad take out is needed with or without Norwegian #R. The calibration time and solutions is the time of needed


If none verified leaderboard NBC/#R can make the right take out – whom is the security risk?

#Nothing in my knowledge shall stop an verified out take. Even the overline use.