Testing sailing clothes

Sailing clothing has been packed away for a while. For some reason I wanted to brush the dust off and test sailing clothes. It was time to check what fits and what does not fit.

Much sail energy in these days. Particularly to see the US PC back in action as skipper at a 52. Ready and back in – Congratulate! Tuning up for the next VOR? Congrat to AR for taking place.

Testing sailing clothes

My «guggel bees» glasses, named by the Irish man AD, was a deal!

Sail glasses that were on when I sailed Sydney Hobart in 2009 was intact . They were absolutely superb! They has three different types of glass for sunny-, cloudy- and rain/night sailing. Glasses are also completely tight so the wind did not reach my eyes. I was not bothered with dew as the skipper who did use the slalom glasses.

I have not seen others use the same types in in-/offshore race. My idea – do not copy!

The rest did fit.

I commit, I love my glasses.

Now: Testing sailing clothes