(TBD) PovertyTech

is wanted placed at Nato, with wishes of Norway as pilot country.

Defence and Police together for mandate and political cooperation.

The (TBD) PovertyTech solution gives Nato five headlines marks:

1. Take away the UN Nr1 Poverty GlobalGoal by 29 coutries.

2. Stand by solution to use in world’s conflict, poverty and conflict area.

3. An solution for the world’s countries to take away the Nr1 Poverty.

4. An tech and cyber solution right in to the eye of core Nato for woman (equality), peace and security – safe cities.

5. Effective in and out job with benefit for the countries and persons in poverty.

Pilot country

Benefits for the pilot country is

1. To be the innovate tech country whom is pointing out the Nr1 Poverty.

2. The benefit of pointing out a two – four defence/police for an effective tech/cyber and hands over Nato team.

To the other 28 countries and rest of the world’s countries.

3. An solution to use for use at terror and other happenings.

NORLissie is not leaving any #R behind.