Yesterday I went to Oslo by train and stepped into the Arabic Festival.

Unforthently the moovie Sara and Salem was fullbooked but enjoyed a seat in the lobbye.

You now, Sunday.

For they who do not know – someone has put me into a noicy circle to disturb me and visuall get my advice with an agenda and for free.

I call it PrefShow and NoiseCircle. It is pro technics who has been ongoing every day at different levels.

– worst is the copycats. Off course.

Back to Sunday.

The PrefShow started at once in Son. No respond from me – as usually. Not intensive, but still.

Took the site and then I registrated an copycat layer took an working seat.

Outside the clickcounters was placed and few more was placed and more.

I visit some sites at web/smart phone, talked to the next one and then an cc of Mr Fluffy entred the left table.

Angry, pushed his doc map down on the seat, smashed his overloaded wallet on my side of table, wel planned lifted his right side of body and prompet a smelling bomb against me.

Age about 59+.

It was the first of three of him this day and about 30 min into my Oslo visit.

Lazy Sunday??