StandUp info

My ecosystem is easy. Lack of income to my firm, gives lack of 20% and nothing to my bills or life.

Payments for activity, set ups out of my control before 30th of June 2019 is made and given to handling. Regress can be done after payment.

None further process or agenda is reason to not pay.

StandUp actions can be done anytime of anyone and the easiest right here and now 24/7 is the recerve solution.

📍vipps for private 95085377

📍vipps 86573 Røbekk AS/NORLissie

📍Reserve account, xxxx 47 11883

Adressed information will receive documentation by email. Make it happens🇧🇻

Process amounts can be done same way and make it with notes. No reason to wait.

Critical situation and feel free to make it happen – happy 6meeting💥💃🇧🇻🗺️