Smashing day?

This post can be intern.

It seems like we are coming or closer to the finally smashing day for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2018 and other issues.

Or the opposite.

The timeline process seems based on my cyclus and possibilities, driven by a good strategic driver.

Right on time. This post can be technical

What is the issue?

I have made some good sporty and commercial consept who is probably ongoing by others.

It makes a huge block for me personally, earnings and companies.

As the status is, the only way to verify the competitor action in public is to put me in person out of the line.

I am boardleader and have not been contacted for A and B plan.

The quastion is why can’t red get out in the line by its elves with frames?

Four issues to be weard of.


It seems like someone is trying to bag the red and me personally with somthing negative. Out of my control.

Every tim

And the advisors use the security issue to held on to the strategy.

A security post will come today.

The quastion is – is it lady’s sailing or – regarded to me in person.

IF security is a line in both, we do not have an Army, Police or NOR Management who is good enough.

So easy.

If I can’t be out in line in an 100f, noone else Norwegian sailors can be out there.

It is not any security reasons.


Some strategy was checked out of case by the world by overflying and analyzes.

Thank you, soldiers & Co. I hope not the all in color play game did take it all.

I know I am boring you.

Regarding issue it have conserned me to not use NL media plattform since July in this case.

It cost in more than one way to be waiting for the slow down process to end.


It has been stressed some issues that could have been stopped by the local, advisors/NOR management.

The stressed has been specially with the advisors days inside.

Seldom the NORLissie(Røbekk AS) , NORLadies(18+) and ivestby AS is ready to get used.

Others to be double checked.


I am conserned to get into a «double blocked» situation instead of open up and have no win of the process.

I am ready and need a direct contract now.

So easy.


to you NOR BC for trying. Trying and trying. The best ever.

Love and care to all NOR and World stars?