Shout out for help

Between me and the willingness top-top/floor it is a ocean of no not now willingness strategy, ambition and power – every day.

Impact my income and possibilities.

Shout out

Without impact the ongoing process, the 19th of Feb I shout out for help, sponsoring, mission or letter of intent for NORLissie/NORLadies.

Without knockout others in ongoing.

Right person

You have the interest, person of action and network.

(Not the cc/face strategies/at)

3 sec to solve – if you wanted. I know. As it. 13 days, what did happend?


Now is the needings. Easy by visa card or vipps 86573. +47 95 08 53 77 – NY?

I really want you/comp onboard.

To action

P.S and please stop the cars. Sunday morning was quite and «special».

Stay friends with or without bike, plain, cars and cycles???️