Saturday lines

A new day with severals unspoken agenda and intentions limit the day.

None fresh private or companies payments is received and is critical.

All open lines is regarded to before 30th July 2019 and is well handed in glossy #R reco August/September.

Open lines

📍24/7 processcost/loss amounts.

📍Straight given 55 mill + 40% (77 mill) without demands and time limits is wanted in hand and can be related.

📍Button clear payment’s.

Payments vs own frames is not correct, neither private vs work.

Stand up for your actions💃🇧🇻🗺️

Call off

To frames, abroads and the may opportunity day for national and international matters make an call off for meeting.

The here and now frames is needed for the best personally meeting shapes.

Mention meeting should not under any conditions disqualify the urgent payments and respect.