If I am not fare out, Norway has one visual/real young boy team(red) and two woman (purple/pink) team to manage.

This is a huge value.

These teams one or three will be both of national and international interest.

Younger team less because of the experience and readyness, but investment in long term.

Without deeply explanation, NORLa/NORLi is one of the interest and NORLadies has the historic argues to get The Royal, Goverment(Dep Def/Næ), Defence, Police ownership combinated with private investors.

#strongertogether as Nato says.

No one has this historical benefit as NORLadies has in the case and the name, project and organization can be moderate by new board and owners.

My suggestion would be AS (in this case/in this status/in the aim of GG)

With this ownership the frames gives the possibilities for national and international project, frame contracts and more.

(#R3/PRO Team/#R/Sponsors)

The name and organization of NORLadies can be changed if needed.

NORLissie Sail with frames has the interest of one of the teams who is best fit to go directly out in 40+

Two cases, and both interest of tech sponsor/investor Oracle with NOR owned majority.

No one is excluded, but no one can be chosen/excluded before frames is in house and the owners/board is in speak.

I have an strategy process.

This is the best way to manage the value and Norwegian interest. The combination of Norwegian and right abroads gives this sailors/Norway an unic placement.

A history to be made.

No #R fight.

Personally I would never leave without the Norwegian, but I would never let the abroad(s) down.

To worlds.

Whom is nothing without frames.