Releasing with demands?

Waiting for an respond from me with when I am trying to catch the right status info?

Here is one important one to mention.

Releasing an amount, but with 12 months restrictions demands?

First availible in 2020.

Leaving but leaving psyko drama

Involving me in an «voting process», giving my loyalty to some and climbing a new Norwegian wall?

You know, I try to stay tech secured, clean and available for the right😏

Clear up your intentions💥

The given offer was straight given and is needed as we speak.

Three blockings

It seems like it is has intend to

📍 Blocking December – Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race?

📍An another important date for an opposite benefit.

📍 Undermine some good income intention.

Be hands on, with all my love💃🇧🇻🗺️

(out of web, easwith 24/7). No amounts is confirmed 12/11-19