Regarding to Care’s worldwide report the world’s woman violence has the cost of 2% of the world’s value making – national product.

Put the men in line the totally cost of violence would be 4% of the national product.

4% of the community cost.

The violence is defined as working-, partnership and sexual business violence with more, but not the higest score in the sexual business.

The regulation of the sexual industry will impact the score in this test.

This cost benefite is not included in NORLissie PovertyTech and implement the model will give each person a opportunity to secure their own living in peace, conflicts and wars.

The community will give security, reduce tracking cost and make benefits.

Implement cost of an pilot NORLissie PovertyTech by using Norway is numbered as isj NOK 29 mill, 6 – 18 months.

The implemented NORLissie PovertyTech will not give higher community cost, but less.

With Nato The NORLissie PovertyTech can ble implemented in 29 countries within 12 – 24 years.

If the violence tracking cost reduces with 50%, they all could pay 2% fee to Nato or increase national security/defence.

But is USA/Europe an direct opsion?

One thing is sure – an implemented NORLissie PovertyTech is an political, community, security and defence winner.

And can cooperate with other GG.

This shall not impact other investor opsions within ongoing process💃