Payment’s or not?

The message notes that payment’s has been done the 17th is not bankconfirmed the 30th/31th of December 2019.

Message given 27th. Fake or not?

StandUp actions can be done anytime and the easiest right here and now 24/7 is

📍vipps for private 95085377

📍vipps 86573 Røbekk AS/NORLissie

📍Reserve account, xxxx 47 11883

Adressed information will receive documentation by email. Make it happens🇧🇻

If the consequences of double payments of any reason – the second will be paid straight away back.

Process amounts can be done same way and make it with notes. No reason to wait.

What a fight💃🇧🇻🗺️ 📍

Stay calm, be happy💕❤️💥🥰⛵👍