The processID tells me right or wrong?

The ProcessID tells That an site and R Team is released and someone is heading for «my» team regarded to notes, rerouting and forcing and avoiding agenda for devaluate the payments/burden amount.

All action and consequenses confirms the rightness of payments and burden amount – today.

The prosessID shows that NAS is in lead to secret actions by the new primilary new law – if right. I am positive to try out for the law, but information has to be given.

The ProcessID tells me

R/NAS intention to blocking the decission/envoirment through me
Transfer an responsebility from A to B or End with or without drama
Selfcleaning with fronting by the good willingness – N BC+
Devaluate me and take away the payment/burden amount handling or/and solution
To make new NAS regulations?

The first of all – here is one of the arresttechnique actions whom impact me and if the ProcessID tells me right it is reason to inform the good willingness – N BC+.

Activities confirms the rightness of the payments, burden amount or the solution and nothing shall stop the handling – it is not any payments vs frames for the action before 30.juni 2019/19.

The N BC request is not an undepended request out of all others agendas – none investor decission. R, If not the burden amount has to include 3-5 future costloss years. The numbers is known and the try out for drama is very cc spring 2019. None agreements, payments or burden amount is in hand and none new Korona solutions to use.

(TBD) PovertyTech

(TBD) PovertyTech has to have international Nato Partnership placement or G7 with US in front.

(TBD) PovertyTech with preffered Norway as pilot – placed nationale will gives locale envoirment and national savings – in all (TBD) PovertyTech countries and impact 14/17 UN GlobalGoals.
-also Nato’s Safe City program.

The PovertyTech gives all persons over 18 years, single or with family secured choice for living and will inspire to make the new living out of main cities and therebye gives envoirment to stucked places located south, west, north in an country
-by bringing flexible worksite/solutions locale and bringing new energy to locale envoirment.

Formal meeting

In lack of secured line and frames I has to be an step a head and the can be agenda steared in the intention of devaluation.

None agreements, payment, solution is in hand and the roumers says that the at+ needed an Xtra rounde.

Formal meeting

It is announced an Xtra and formal meeting today and corona virus can not be an excuse to

The Corona can not take the blame for lack of secured line for needed information and payments for the activity before 30th of June 2019.

None of given national corona can be used or give the right future solution or take the burden👈

The verified payments and burden is of urgent matters to limit the process concequences.

Contact and note

I am consurned based on the sencitive processID and «distance» meeting can be held with frames. 1h shout out and phone number is published backyard.

📍 📍vipps86573

Notis – Even reading books confirms the rightness of burden amount.