🚦NOR Values

Monday and time for an step up?

Without burden payments before 30th of June 2019 and none directly speak,

My status had been differential if

The NOR Government

The NOR AS had paid the bills, 10th of July 2019.

  • May – June 2019
  • Jan – March 2019
  • Aug – Okt 2018
  • Feb – May 2018

Straight given

Wished straight abroad amount 55 mill + 20% = 77 mill has been given (april) as the sign of solution makers and core value in practice.

R Friendly’s

The Police and Defence R Friendly’s team had vipps86573 NOK50 for every watch/training session 🇧🇻🗺️

NOR wonderboys

The Norwegian wonderboys (not The Fam) had been leadstar and showen core values in practice.

My NOR at+

If my Norwegian at+ (not The Fam) had been stopped with take away my 5% opportunities.

Burden amount

If the verified burden for the periode before 30th of June 2019 had been handed. Numbers are known.


How many unverified lost last minutes for the benefits of NOR AS /Norway?

I earn the burden payments and my own horizontal or vertical R best head line for the future.

Happy Monday💃

Don’t blame NBC/Fam💃