First of all I send the best wishes for the day to NOR BC and hope you still going strong.

I do not hope I…

Back to Monday.

Whom entred The Town today? And do they know how to use the phone and make a call?

You never know, but one thing is sure. It is time to step up and not send drones.

To lazy.

For they who do not know – someone has put me into a noicy circle and agenda to disturb me.

I call it NoiseCircle.

It is pro technics who is ongoing every day at different levels.

My day started with an early bird. Unforthently. By a low low level NoiseCircle, whom is switching of when the damage of waking up has been done.

1-2 hour. 9th month with isj 0,6% off. When will it stop 100%?

Started the day as always. By morning walk and activities. Less intencity with lack of sleep.

8AM with the PC and smart phone as working tools told me to make an another choice for the day.

Ended eating lunch and technical pep talk for a few hours today. Relaxing, but needed.

I got signeed to have extern lissners before, between and after. Three of the themes we talked about was to read about in the media article.

The rest of the day has gone with an intens NoiceCircle and that means somethings is happen.

The PrefCircle was also in moove today, of course. Stopped by some at 8.30PM isj, started again, but seems to end now?

It is like Q heaven, when it stops.

Concerned and tired, but take a walk?