Last days ticket

To the ticket winner of today’s and last days floor with the same method as usual – do not take the ticket around me.

You are here to given opportunity but the only reason you won the ticket was to mark my day/s

– happy you, not me.

Meeting and letter of intent is the right way to inform your plans and intentions.

My ticket seems not to be abroad or the abroads here with ME in Son/NOR, as expected and played for years.

Your visit seems to helping the #R to make an runaway from payments and if you intend to leave with frames – you have to hands up following to the end.

The Norwegian wall is between me and the abroad opportunity and communcation – without an Point of Contact.

Foggy with security/devaluations set ups.

You may have goodwill intend by the day, but you are actually helping someone else.

My focus is short time frames as payments, #RPRO take out and given amount. Some can make all happens within 5 minutes.

Be hands on – next ticket by me💃


(No new days without #R take out, frames and appointment. No method)