High Tech Burden

The first mechanic bird was heard at Knatthaug the February 2019 at the darkest time of the night – this week I counted 17 different birdies here and cc there.

Not mine.

Today all seems to take an burden run with all hands on deck or forcing NNagenda/method with results of intency to park all mine need to action, both tired and noicy.

The needed burden amount is now for handling and getting further.

This week R/NAS paid by public unknown has installed an upgraded high tech inside my house to link me, devalute, psyco or activate me in no method – this of none ignoring action.

Mine morning started at 03.15👈

First disturbed night was 9th of Feb 2018, first time daily unsleeped tired July 2018, and first sign of lower intensity was when the first bill got prime minister in hand 1th of July 2019.

The payment is right and urgent, the info not for devaluation and burden amount shall be paid by NAS for NNagenda/+.

Regressing is out of mine knowledge.

📍inn@norlissie.no 📍vipps 86573