Few facts on the 2th of May 2019

1th #Nothing

I have done everything to do #nothing to break the realtion of opportunity to serve the NOR BC & Fam, NOR AS, #R and frames to get NORLi/NORLa++ out to action.

I am availible ???️?

2th #Focus

The last days+ changing has been as an agenda through me and if someone says – she made her choice it is incorrect.

I have not made any visually choice.

3th #MarsVy

The VHF does not work presicely and the clock is not calibrated.

And it is still no «rush time» in the duties based on the situation, but I have showen the presicly action.

I am cleared and ready?

4th #Security

I have learned to count and live with the security drones through months.

So if the procedure says 20 and it is 30 it has to be an benefit that I have learned counting drones or does I thinking out load the wrong way?

5th #Goverment ownership?

Asking the Norwegian Goverment of 50% ownership for NORLadies (for may later transfering to the an Federation) does not demand any club/federation membership or delaying tactics from NOR AS.

I am an Boardleader and can speak on behalf of NORLissie/NORLadies.

… and be CEO/Teamleder for an boy/mix team at the same time.

… and a PRO crew for my own list.

6th #Membership

As boardleader for NORLissie and NORLadies it is no reason to have an payed membership to local sailing club or federation to get in action.

Like Hankø Yacht Club or Ida Lewis Yacht Club

7th #Membership for sailing an race

With ad hoc sailing action as we speak can be done in the same day.

The race clubs is friendly and workplaces wellknown routines.

8th #The small road

Off course, I know how to make a small road and what to prefer. But that is not the point in the moment.