Expandation of Corona

Expandation of Corona is given by the Norwegian Government and persons get NOK 20 000 in pay fee for go over the line.

Without new economic condition to take the small lacked gap.

I have made suggestion without payments/burden amount for activities before 30th of June 2019.

ProsessID Burden amount

Yesterday an actually interesting NN sign of burden amounts willingness in action – 178mill and 110mill verified straight given.

Today gone black and the sign of NN willingness is taken out by R/NAS or given an avoiding opportunity.

This is arresttechnique – by NAS.

I have this every time an solution is on way – special economic. The info is picked up by R24/7 or by the willingness interest to an verified transaction by NAS.

The ATeam is signed as blocker. I need 3 millions in three days – very strange to be behaved like this NAS.

An fair willingness is blocked by NAS.

It seems like the world takes an Milestone clean ups for action whom has grown out of control and campaigning the nationalism?