Merry Christmas

The plan for X-mas weekend was this year reorganized in last minute. From family to job/doing myself availble focus.

I got threatened the eve of 21th. 

Long story short, I needed to go abroad to do myself availble to be pixed up of the US Pirate for Volvo Ocean Race, leg 4/ x-puma team. Start 2th of Jan 2018.

Crazy stuff?

With cash in my hands and no information to anyone I bagged just a weekend bag.

Gave some misinformation by phone, payed my train ticket with cash and held my mobile turned off until Copenhagen.

More crazy stuff?

When turned into the airport I tweeded and startet to pay with my card.

I sleeped in a chair at the airport through the night with other growen up normal people. I did not see that come, but it was not difficult to do. I can sleep everywhere.

Denmark was not fare enough of severale reasons, but where to go? 

After an early plan + train, I entred the town who would not been my first choice at the first time, I walked right into a «building and trafic» area and with first though – what about a better choice? 

After my first tweed in Denmark I got off line again and did not order site or stay online/phone.

To got to my hospit I entred the old town and was met by lovely atmosphere. Lovely atmosphere and these guys turned my mood to yes for Christmas and some waiting days here. 

My US Pirate can reach if he wants. Thats the important issue. But the quiz is whats happens now. I am ready for US Pirate. 

Together we can solve NOR.

All logged in 23th, family got the information, first walk done and first pasta eaten. 

And identification of some missing stuff….as hair brush and conditioner. 

Tomorrow is first stop to a local hairdresser for solving my crows nets.

The plan is to upgrate my things if I got further with contract. No taste of french or Victoria Secret’s at the moment…

I love you all and Merry Christmas from me to you?