Been here and gone?

Well, Mr Oraclet have you been, but gone?

Someone tells me that you Mr Oraclet do not want to be my investor and has leaved with an abroad commercial/team – secret training?

May «confirmed» by action today.

Tell me, do the x BC denide you to be my investor or do you not want to be? My company is cleaned for x (1)BC & Co if they want and you.

No agreements is standing in the way and noone can speak of my behalf.

Do/Did you have plan for an Norwegian site? In Oslo? NOK 80-100 mill?

Based on this time of process and lack of important right status information I would be grateful if you in person brought me out for an dinnering/lunch talk for an clearly talk.

Please, I want a word.

If yes, 2 hours warnings with an pick up solution at the time.

Unfortunately you have to pay since the payments is not been done by the Norwegians advisors. First payment date was the 10th of July and the last 27th of August. Sorry, I have no run basic in these days.

As it or with, but now is the time✌️


The Advisor Payments


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