An strategic weekend

An strategic weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

Is it someone who see the tools and techniques who is used at national, international and local level?

The proud Norwegian?

Whom is the proud Norwegian #RPRO, Public or Norwegian business owner(s)?

… whom has places me in 24/7… with absolutely no zero frames and my weekend foods in lack of payments.

… for selfpromo

… in front of?

Humiliated me. (Not the Fam or abroad potential).

Taken information

FYI, yesterday’s notes is taken and is used in today’s business sales arques.

To an national and international leadstar building and is direct loss.

Every day, every weekend.


The unexpected learned techniques has given an knowledge and value.

I see strategy, inport and outport, but has no frames to avoid the setups, techniques and beeing in front.

The reason of the process consequences, loss of same reason and lack of payments.

New timeline

The timeline is to held me outstanding to least medio August 2020, fade away without reaching the opportunity.

… and still at action for payments?

Process cost/loss and mount

Every penny is correctly and nothing shall impact the payments and open lines.

This weekend I have been noted payments, yesterday and today – true?

…and someone stopped the action?

Limited. Respect is paying and normal/verified contacts💃💥🇧🇻🗺️