#8th Volvo Ocean R2

To be clearly spoken. I am ready to take the boat number #8th Volvo Ocean Race out anytime. It is still time to reach the top of the resultslist. The sponsors are with me.

It means

  1. Be 100% in the VOR Race
  2. Sailing with PRO
  3. Give other opportunities
  4. Company income NOK 180 – 280
  5. AfterSale
  6. Personally income
  7. Increase brandvalue
  8. Deliver at sporty, commercial and management.
  9. Meeting place for partners/++.
  10. Network for new opportunity.
  11. More

If NOR/? have a competitor team who take the available boat #8th away from me it means an unethical action to me private, sporty, company and sponsors. 

The Norwegian Sailing Federation adviced in November 2016 foreign sponsors because the lack of Norwegian willingness.

To be clear – unacceptable.

I have no information that Norwegian Sailing Federation, any sailclub or private team are in loop for the boat #8th in Volvo Ocean Race.

It is notis that Norwegian Government have budget NOK 150 mill to clean up the water as the same issue as UN by Volvo Ocean Race++

To take part in Volvo Ocean Race with own team do not include evaluation or accept needings from own country++.

As I tell, it shall be possible to reach goal without using media strategy and unethical methods to take the boat #8th.

I am and have been here open for contact and have an including strategy.

Statement: I am not a part of any «crise» communication and are not owned or contracted to any part today. Point of contact is an NOR.

To be clear – boat #8th is wanted. ASAP. 

Notis I do not read media/SoMe in these days. All contact can be done to +47 95 08 53 77/lir@prosjektkonsulent.no