7 points meeting

Sometimes a leader have to be smart to make a smooth outcome. Not under line, but an try out for solution.

Dialog. Meeting. The diplomat way.

Ugly. I have put together 7 points to be clearified, but has not got yes.

Think once more.

No sponsor activities/deals/advisors impacts doing a tryout meeting. Open the door, please.


Everything I work with is regarded to commercial, plans and progress+. Lost of info means loss of value/money.

Here is some few points.

Overflight. More normal now.

Why 1

When Ine Søreide stands on the party meeting using «my arguments» done in an conversation in a line of 14 days isj before – it is something wrong.

It is one way out – by the stalkers/OF.

Why 2

Do you know how to document «stress» by overflight?

Based on several why 1 episodes I turn off my mobile internet connection, turn the frontphone down, take of my glasses and turn the PC screen to 70 degree if it is on.

What happens with my phone log with 30 – 40 consentrated overflights?

3-15 min between. Do you have log? Date? I have.

Stressed by pulse? – No.

Why 3

Overflights can be advisors, private and regulare. Drones also.

Do you want me to mention the cost? Here is one tweed with info.

Norway AS

The 7 points meeting is not regarding to future possibilities and solution, but to solve 7 points to get equality. Equality frames.

Here or there, someone need to take the nidel into the corecase.

Why can’t the birdiebike make a tryout? Verified.

The Star

We booth know your strategy and wantings, but right know you have some HR thing to solve. 7 points.

This is an opportunity – if not – be clear. Stop playing with an citizen.

Within 24th of May 2019.


3-7 points can also be taking directly with you, SEUR/JS? I need speed and I am ready for an meeting.

I welcoming you to Son or get picked up for abroad meeting. Payed.

Take action, please.


This is how I can break through the blockade and I want O as investor/sponsor with NOR+ if he is availible and want for the future.

How do you all explain that I am 24/7 without income – using my stuff?

I am the one whom shall speak for my own cases with NOR AS and #R3.

Personally I mean that NOR AS shall stop their SoMe and media strategies until NOR AS has solved this case.


+47 95 08 53 77



Bilstøy fakta

UN Security Council