🚦What when?

What when the respond is not given as normal.

Today I will point out an serious at+ action and status whom impact me.

Reality vs comedian

Few years with bananas activities funniest defined by the comidian Johan Golden – «When the reality takes over for the comidian» place the Norwegian action owners.

As more you say cowboy as more cowboys you get testing the strength.

The Norwegian bananas activities has the strength both direct and by Norwegian advisor’s to the top with some NORcowboy view immunity.


I have an NORat+. At is the core, + is the core persons may or not informed network and ++ is out in line.

At is arrestechnique, at+ means at and persons/team and ++network in line.

My unnamed NORat+ has unknown placed me, given unknown expectations, in an unknown population and unknown use(d) me.

My at+ is closing my 5% opportunities and at payment’s activity and trenate when seems releasing.

My at+ is using positive correlation playing out the opportunity and leadstar role, but stearing outcome.

It started with commercial consepts.

The case info

Sparebank1, bank chief Evensen denided the higest bid and the bank informed they did not give loan to properties out of local area.

My company account was open in 2016 in Sparebanken1 – Telemark, not the local because of info distance.

In 2016/7 I wanted to buy the xbank house in Son for both p/business seld by Sparebanken1 megleren i Vestby.

The case in action

  • The unpaid payments is regarded to the firm company in Sparebanken1 – Telemark
  • 12th of December 2019 I am in contact with the bank with 24-7.
  • 30th of December 2019 I got informed from the bank has closed the account the 12th of December without informing.
  • The bank does not respond information of possible income.

Five ID

Several strategies, but here is five NOR IDs

  • Building an negative security case.
  • Finally release payments the 17? the at/»good/bad» at+ has prepered and blocking by bank.
  • Lack of the payments impact the companies numbers for 2019 and can impact the 2020 competitons.
  • The intend of not respond is to force me to make follow ups, indirect promo of theirselves, impact evaluation and make me depended of an resque.
  • Building at+ outcome case in hand for action if releasing competition.

Backyard results

Then the at+ can put them back in the chair, with coffee and cake, bet and wait for new system knowledge and my next moove – the reality exploring.

When good energy wants results🇧🇻🗺️


This is an Norwegian at+ process consequence of behaving to benefits of an wanted outcome and would not happen with

  • Meeting/DUR when requested 19
  • Frankly own #RPRO+35 Best head team with the right Rplacement

Will the burden amount be on my account today? Nothing shall impact the verified burden handling today.

The no activity cost 24-7 around me is NOR Rverified as lowest 2,8 milliards based on timelist, flights in the period of 9th of February 2018 to 30th of June 2019, My income loss of xxx mill.

Process consequences for the period before 30th of June 2019 is now.

No method – Happy Thursday💃