🚦Solution method’s

I consume the knowledge of payments method for burden amounts before 30th of June 2019,

but here are a few things


Formal response to the email inn@norlissie.no (not post)

  • Firm/Private transaction
  • Electronic handling
  • Agreement for documentation
  • Payments direct to account

Unformal verified

Unformal direct payment’s gives the documentations sended to the adressed. Only verified payments.

  • Firm/Private transaction
  • Røbekk AS Sb, xxxx xx 11883 (reserve) or vipps 86573.
  • Documents sending to adressat
  • Private Sb, xxxx 47 11913 or vipps 95085377 (has to be tested).
  • IBAN/Swift by direct bank contact.

Firm burden gives the income, taxes and private payments, be wear of 35% social cost. Private burden gives private income + more.


Missions by an unknown population or looking around others practice is not going to happen for the direct given burden.

Process consequence handling.

The other side it is unverified method and uncorrect handling for the burden amount before 30th of June 2019 and not practical as we speak.

🚦NOR AS burden and payment’s handling shall not impact anyone or anything – regress is out of mine.

Focus management.