🚦Healthy reality

Today I will point out an serious competition at+ action and reality set ups done in the benefit of at+.


Xmas was in line and an the same was Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2019.

Media campaigns for the autumn was health, children and human care+

The case

12th to 14th of Dec it is decisions regarded to Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2019 out of my knowledge.

Unknown opportunity.

  • 20th at/inside of my door
    • 3 bags with food/soap
    • 0,05% Vegan, 75% unhelthy
      • 30 minutes
      • Documtations
  • 21th Chocolate gift visitors
  • 21th 911 at/inside my door
    • Unexpected 911, with two persons – cc Persons 35+
    • Confirm no further action
    • Turns on the radio with care warnings as issue, take action.
    • Early evening an doctor entries my house7/8PM – cc cultureM 35+ based on 1th. Called out for serious decisions.
      • 6 hours
      • AfterBrief
      • Wrong P/info of 3/more
      • Documtation
      • Needings of clean up
      • «He was the boss»
      • High blue dressed
  • 22th chocolate gift visitors
    • Documentation

Verify & Documtations

The intend of action was to verify the competition action for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race by the advisors.

3 kilo++ body shock chocolade – was the worst of all – documentated with full action/strategies here by advisors.

With the UN documentations?


How to be in front of an unexpected plan like this? With value/burden loss.

Second year

Whom own the strategy brain? Doc and may try out for burden run away. All R1-5/NAS of bonus interest, cost training, doc, manipulation.

One cc had the protection/limited line and the other resque line – none of them has paid their July/Aug bills👈

The underline

The two first was up warming, the third the surprise, the fourth try out regulation for the first and the second surprise and the fifth was check up.

All doc with long distance debrief, evaluation, agenda, mich and bonus of pic up lines for the next day’s media and strategies.

Do you know the health laws about force or remove wrong historic?

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